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Employee Desktop Live Viewer is proficient remote spy software that allows organizations or managers to monitor and control computer activities of their employees. It is a perfect answer to all those who consider monitoring remote computer activities is very tough task. In fact, the tool makes entire task of monitoring remote computer lot easy. Using this utility, all that you need is just register and add computer that you want to monitor. Multiple computers can be installed with the Agent setup file of this employee monitoring software. And, once you add computers that you want to monitor, the remote desktop spy tool allows you have clear and live view of desktop activities of all registered computers instantly.


So what if you do not want to inform your employees about this and want to monitor their activities secretly?

This tool facilitates you monitor what your employees do in their working hours without informing them. Using this utility, you can easily have the clear idea about how much time do your employees spend in unnecessary activities without letting them know. All that you need is just select the “Do not send Notification” checkbox and carry out the monitoring job secretly. Apart from stealth mode, what makes it more appropriate alternative to view and monitor employee desktop live activities is the following exclusive benefits that one may find hard to ignore:

  • Live desktop view of computers to watch and therefore detect what is affecting employee efficiency so much.
  • Online recording facility that allows recording of desktop activities of employees susceptible for data theft and other fraudulent activities.
  • Person can easily schedule offline recording to know what employees usually do in his or her absence.
  • Increased productivity and desired profits through putting a stop on unnecessary activities and misuse of organizational resources and time.

Remote spy software behaves as the surveillance camera to keep close watch on the desktop activities of employees. Using this software, you don’t need to constantly watch the monitor computer rather you can watch them later. Since the software is featured with online and offline recording facility, you can monitor the employees’ desktops while you are not present and watch the recorded messages afterwards. Also, you can set various recording schedules for different target computers which you can view later in AVI format.

All that you need is just schedule offline recording to record employee desktop activities in your absence. Offline recording is saved as JPG or AVI files at the specified location on target computer. For keeping the offline recording safe, you can also lock the offline recording folder.

Remote spy software is suitable for monitoring employee desktop activities in domain or workgroup. What makes it more special is its ability to manage monitored computers and perform tasks like shutdown, lock, log off, remove wallpaper, and start screensaver. Software now enables fast monitoring of computers that have Windows 7 installed on them.

Try before you buy

For user, now it is very much possible to evaluate the potential of this remote spy software with free demo version. All that you got to do is just download the demo version at free of cost and experience the features and functioning. Though, user must not forget that the demo version only facilitates you register and monitor activities of 1 computer for 7 days. Apart from that the demo version only allows you record activities of the regis tered computer and create 5 minutes movie.

Calculate ROI

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Salient features

Employee Desktop Live Viewer- effective and efficient remote desktop spy software provide the user with these features:

  • Performs real time monitoring to record all desktop activities of the employees
  • Records each desktop activity and saves to AVI movie file
  • Allows the administrator to view live scenarios running on every computer
  • Performs both online as well as offline recordings of employees activities
  • Monitors and displays activities of both monitors attached to one computer
  • Helps in enhancing employees efficiency and productivity of the organization
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